Treating Allergies and Intolerances

More and more people suffer from allergies. Our modern lifestyle with its high stress levels is often the main cause for this. Together with our diet it affects our body‘s ability to regulate itself, as intolerances of fructose, lactose, histamine or gluten not only burden our digestive system.

The VIVAMAYR principle combines innovative diagnostic methods with a holistic therapy that, with a little practice, can be easily integrated into everyday life and can alleviate allergic reactions in a simple way. 

eBook – Treating Allergies and Intolerances

Prof. Dr. med. Harald Stossier

Dr. med. Georg Stossier

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The Author, Prof. Dr. med. Harald Stossier

As head of the medical department of VIVAMayr Dr. Stossier is an expert in Modern Mayr medicine, Orthomolecular medicine and Functional Myodiagnostics.

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About the authors

Prof. Dr. med. Harald Stossier

During his studies he already dealt with complementary medical methods. In the course of his professional work, he developed a special affinity for the latter and developed it further to Modern Mayr medicine and the VIVAMayr principle.

Dr. Harald Stossier founded the VIVAMayr clinic 2005. Today, there are centres in Maria Wörth and Altaussee as well as clinics in Vienna, London. In addition Dr. Harald Stossier is also active in the training of doctors in the area of modern Mayr medicine, Orthomolecular medicine and Functional Myodiagnostics. In 2016 he was appointed Professor of Applied Kinesiology in rehabilitation at Ludes University in Lugano.

Dr. med. Georg Stossier

Dr. Georg Stossier was born into a family of “Mayr doctors” and absorbed this philosophy from his infant days. He later made his way to medical school, which he completed in Timișoara, Romania. His doctoral thesis on the relationships between mineral and acid-base changes in (pre)diabetic metabolism shows his understanding of complementary medical relationships.

In addition to classical medical training, he has completed various complementary medical training courses and is involved in various nutritional issues.


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Prof. Dr. med. Harald Stossier, Dr. med. Georg Stossier

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