The VIVAMAYR Principle / Good digestion – better life [Ebook – ENGLISH]

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A concept as an inspiring companion for life Maintaining good health is a difficult undertaking these days, as the hectic pace of
everyday life, both at work and at home, leaves so little time. The same challenge also applies to nutrition.
For the first time Modern Mayr Medicine comprehensively examines nutrition as the result of food and our digestive performance. We quickly realize that it is our responsibility whether we stay healthy or become ill, as we are in control of our lifestyle and what we eat. Modern Mayr Medicine is therefore more than just a diet, it is a therapeutic concept for the medical treatment of sensitivities and diseases.
The VIVAMAYR principle not only combines modern complementary medical diagnosis and therapy, but also shows ways for us to maintain the health improvements we have achieved throughout our lives.


The VIVAMAYR principle is to combine Functional Myodiagnostics, Orthomolecular Medicine and Modern Mayr Medicine to a medical strategy first to protect and prevent but also second to treat many of our mainly civilisatoric diseases. More than that, we focus to implement a healthy life style and eating habit into everybodys life to achive
alle the benefits of the treatments. To support people in their intentions VIVAMAYR stays in contact with them and creates interaction to become a inspiring lifelong companion.
The book informs about the most important principles how to use nutrition as a treatment. Therefore we train people in their eating habits, because this we know is more important to achive health than anything else. We introduce to eat slowly, to chew well, to take time to enjoy the meals but also to give time to digest, to have the
dinner as the smallest and easiest digestable meal oft he day and to drink between meals as the most important principles in the medical strategy of healing. A lot of practical examples will show all readers how simple at the end of the day these principles can be implemented in our daily routine.
It demonstrates also the hudge possibility in a different medical aproach. Different to the main stream medicine we want to support nature to keep us as healthy as possible. And as Dr. Mayr said once – nobody is so healthy, that he could not become even healthier by changing it usual eating habit – we want to motivate people to change their eating habit and implement the VIVAMAYR principls in their
lifes to be as healthy as possible our entire lifespan.

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Prof. Dr. med. Harald Stossier