Nutrition – What really counts [Ebook – ENGLISH]

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Nutrition concerns us all. We eat several times a day for our entire lives. One would assume this makes us all experts in nutrition, yet it is difficult to find a central theme. Therefore, the motivation of this publication is to create an understanding about health and provide you with the tools necessary to steer your diet on a path towards health.

The book explains in detail:

  • basics of nutrition: energetic aspect of nutrition; the importance of food
  • eating culture: constitution, rhythm, digestion
  • ingredients of food: protein, fats, carbohydrates and their significance on health
  • acid-base balance: regulation; effect on the body; influence of food
  • selection and storage: spotting out quality food
  • modern cooking: healthy preparation methods
  • micronutritions
  • detoxification


Nutrition is more than eating a great variety of healthy food. Of course we know the importance of food, but of more importance is our eating habit. This publication focuses on the eating habits, without forgetting the importance of food and its quality. But we also have to take into consideration, that our digestive tract has to digest and metabolise all our foodstuff and only those parts which we have digested totally will nourish us and lead to a healthy metabolism.

Therefore, the reader will be informed on how to implement a healthy eating habit to provide a basis for a comprehensive health. The focus is also given to one’s own responsibility in nutrition. The eating habit can not be delegated to another person, so every single person is responsible for its eating habit. That helps a lot in implementing new strategies in a healthy life style, but also it is relevant in every single culture and every part of our world.

A heathy nutrition is not depending on healthy food, which is shipped globally to the customers. It is also not a matter of income or money. The challenge for everybody is to recognise the importance of eating habits and to accept and implement them into our daily routine. We, the authors, also see our function in teaching people these principles, especially our children, to live a better and healthier life.

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Prof. Dr. med. Harald Stossier, Dr. med. Georg Stossier