Ernährung – Worauf es wirklich ankommt [EBook – GERMAN]

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Nutrition concerns us all. We eat several times a day for our entire lives. One would assume this makes us all experts in nutrition, yet it is difficult to find a central theme. Many experts – some of them self-proclaimed – recommend completely different approaches. The only aspect where there has always been agreement is that our diet is what keeps us healthy or leads us toward diseases. There are so many books and guides on the topic that it seems almost absurd and unnecessary to add a new publication – hasn’t everything already been said, written or stated somewhere? And yet when we be addressed in lectures or personal conversations on this topic, we always experience a great uncertainty as to what is right, how one should eat healthily, etc. There are always new books on the subject that take up and explain details, but the common theme that would help the reader find his or her way – this common theme is missing. Therefore, we would hereby like to outline the basics of nutrition, which – may some details be influenced by our daily experiences – should close exactly this gap in the knowledge about nutrition.
The central theme should help you to find your individual diet according to your preferences, your taste and your social environment. It may be that you as the reader will miss some details. Some of these are covered in other publications. What is covered in detail however is the chance to improve your health through a change in your diet. We would like to avoid any form of fanaticism and one-sidedness in nutrition, thereby creating an understanding about health and providing the reader with the tools necessary to steer his or her diet on a path toward health.

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Nutrition is more than eating a great variaty of healthy food. Of course we know the importance of food, but more important is our eating habit. This publication focus on the eating habit, without forgetting the importance of food and ist quality. But we also have to take into consideration, that our digestive tract hast o digest and metabolise all our foodstuff and only those parts which we have digested totally will nourish us and lead to a healthy metabolism. So the reader will be informed how to implement a healthy eating habit to provide a basis for a comprehensive health. The focus is also
given to one`s own responsibility in nutrition. The eating habit can not be delegated to other persons, so every single person is responsible for ist eating habit. That helps a lot in implementing new strategies in a healthy life style, but also it is relevant in every single culture and every part of our world. A heathy nutrition is not depending on healthy food, which is shipped globally to the customers and not a matter of income or money, but to recognise the importance oft he eating habit and to accept and implement this into our daily routine ist he challenge for everybody. And we see our function also in teaching people these principles, especially our children, to life a better and healthy life.

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Prof. Dr. med. Harald Stossier, Dr. med. Georg Stossier