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A healthy nutrition is vital to live a healthy life. By supplying our body with the right food at the right time in the right amount we are able to have a positive influence in our metabolism and therefore prevent illnesses, loose weight and even slow down ageing. 

eBook – Nutrition, what really counts!

Prof. Dr. med. Harald Stossier, Dr. med. Georg Stossier

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Prevent illnesses

Increase your performance in sports and everyday life

Slow down ageing

What you will learn from this book

How to identify quality food
The food selection in stores is endless. The challenge for us is to find the right food in the right quality.
How your constitution affects your diet
“The blacksmith’s diet would break the tailor”.
That everything in our body is regulated in rhythms
It is vital to understand the rhythms in our body and to use them in our favour.
What role plays our eating culture
It matters not only what you eat, but also when, how much, how fast, how regularly and with whom you eat your meals.
What is self-poisoning
With the wrong nutrition we can produce toxins in our intestines which undermine our health and make us ill, old and ugly.
What is a healthy ratio of protein, fat and carbs
The question is, what ratio is best for you? There is no, one fits all solution for a healthy nutrition.
Why does almost everybody has an Omega-3 deficiency
A relative lack of omega-3 fatty acids, increases the risk of developing inflammatory diseases.
What is the importance of the acid-base balance
Our modern lifestyle, our one-sided selection of food and poor eating habits, the excess consumption of stimulants and addiction all lead to a steady increase in acids in the body.
How can the learnings be combined with modern cooking methods
It is vital to have good food, but it is also essential to know how to prepare a meal without destroying their valuable ingredients.

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About the authors

Prof. Dr. med. Harald Stossier

During his studies he already dealt with complementary medical methods. In the course of his professional work, he developed a special affinity for the latter and developed it further to Modern Mayr medicine and the VIVAMayr principle.

Dr. Harald Stossier founded the VIVAMayr clinic 2005. Today, there are centres in Maria Wörth and Altaussee as well as clinics in Vienna, London. In addition Dr. Harald Stossier is also active in the training of doctors in the area of modern Mayr medicine, Orthomolecular medicine and Functional Myodiagnostics. In 2016 he was appointed Professor of Applied Kinesiology in rehabilitation at Ludes University in Lugano.

Dr. med. Georg Stossier

Dr. Georg Stossier was born into a family of “Mayr doctors” and absorbed this philosophy from his infant days. He later made his way to medical school, which he completed in Timișoara, Romania. His doctoral thesis on the relationships between mineral and acid-base changes in (pre)diabetic metabolism shows his understanding of complementary medical relationships.

In addition to classical medical training, he has completed various complementary medical training courses and is involved in various nutritional issues.


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Check out our ebook selection! Only if we know what to eat and how to eat it we are able to improve our health. Our personal health is the most valuable property we have, we should act now!

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